Friday, June 28, 2019

American Alligator 3-4ft: (Alligator mississippiensis) 16 x 5 x 39 in

American Alligator 3-4ft: (Alligator mississippiensis) width 16 × height 5 × length 39 inches. Over 3 ½ feet long very realistic alligator. Glass eyes. Specify extra clear coat for exterior display of custom finishes. Alligators are also available custom painted as an albino, the true White

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Sea OTTERS marine animal sculpture art 12 X 4 in

10.1 open edition Sea Otters sculpture 12 X 4 inches tall. Sea otter pup has found a star fish in the sea kelp to share with its parent. The sea otter seems to be saying hello from the Pacific ocean. This marine wildlife art sculpture may be the star of your nautical wildlife collection. • The

Lion Head life-size wall Large: width 16 X depth 8 X 21 inches

Large Lion Head life-size wall Realistic: width 16 X depth 8 X 21 inches, Natural realistic finish! An architectural realistic life sized Lion Head wall wildlife art sculpture mask, open edition. Our traditional lions head is suitable for indoor outdoor display on walls garden and fountains. Can be

Life-sized Brown Pelican statue - Open Mouth

NEW, Available as Brown pelican, white pelican and custom finishes. For a magnificant display buy a pair of pelicans on our tripple piling base! ships oversized. Life Size BROWN PELICAN Sculpture, limited ed./1500, over 30 X 41 inches tall 2½ x3½ feet! Awesome Super realistic Life-size Brown Pelic...

Friday, June 14, 2019

Loggerhead Sea TURTLE 12 x 4 in

Loggerhead Sea Turtle sculpture 12 X 4 inches, open edition. A loggerhead sea turtle crawls from the water upon the beach to nest. Beautiful wildlife art sculpture of a loggerhead sea turtle has a richly painted turtle shell. Bring home this treasured nautical gift from the sea. • The artwork is

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Piling Post, CAST 36 inch ONLY ..for Pelican, Heron, Sculptures

Piling Post is custom cast to fit over your 4x4 inch post. Approximately 36 inches by 10 inch piling. Can be made custom sizes for unique arrangements. The post is a cast and finished item, like a column, with a square PVC liner embedded to slip over your 4x4 post. The materials are our same durable

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Lifesize Brown Pelican Sitting Large Statue, limited ed.

[33 inches Long x 14w x 15h] 1.5a Life Size BROWN PELICAN Large Sculpture, limited ed./1500. The perfect pelican sitting decoy style. Can be combined with our other pelican statues for a wide variety of unique designs on unique custom made wooden piling bases. Awesome Super realistic Life-size Brown

Great White Shark Statue 3 feet

The fearless great white shark cruises over its ocean domain. 35 inches
Our shark is an original artist studio edition. Sculpted as a miniature 21 foot great white shark and more realistic than most taxidermy mounts. Includes glass eyes. Displays on Tabletop with sturdy front sharkfins and tail